An innovative company specialised in blockchains, decentralised identities and data self-sovereignty.

About our company

Axiologic is a software development company with variegated and robust expertise in enterprise integration, privacy-enhancing technologies, security, blockchains, web applications and mobile software development.

Axiologic Research was founded by Sînică Alboaie in 2003 and it is located in Iași, Romania.

Sînică has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, software developer, technical manager, and researcher in areas like distributed systems, software integration, privacy, and blockchain technologies. Sînică is currently co-leader of the architecture work package in the ambitious Pharmaledger European research project. He was also technically leading an innovative European project called PrivateSky that invented new privacy-enhancing technologies built around executable choreographies. Sînică has the hope that the digital world is going in the direction of data self-sovereignty as a guarantee for preserving and increasing our political and economic freedom. The team led by Sînică in Axiologic is composed mainly of PhDs, PhD students and very experienced programmers.

Axiologic has a strong focus on
building Privacy-Preserving Technologies and blockchain-based decentralized business application.

We have the AI and blockchain to our shortlist of strategic competencies we aim to expand. This focus allows us to build quickly and deploy solutions and processes on public or consortium blockchains. We have an experienced team of researchers and developers with experience in creating decentralized applications. Axiologic is a software development company with variegated and robust expertise in enterprise integration, privacy-enhancing technologies, security, blockchains, web applications and mobile software development. Axiologic is involved in advanced research to scale blockchain-based systems, secure digital values storage, and do complex integration with smart contracts and executable choreographies. We research, design, and implement the business processes in software and integrating project components with distributed ledgers. We are specialized in implementing industry-specific Distributed Applications and smart contracts. In PrivateSky, our team developed off-chain storage technologies, new types of blockchains and smart-contracts. Axiologic is open to transferring technologies from the PrivateSky platform towards other blockchain projects.


Research Collaborations

We efficiently create complex solutions based on AI techniques and blockchain technologies. For many years we have done consultancy for companies from UK, Germany, US and Romania. We started with C/C++/Java/PHP/Node.js more than 15 years ago. Still, now we are mainly looking to collaborate on significant research projects about AI, blockchains and complex integrations (e.g. Digital Trust Ecosystems for entire industries).


Blockchain Consultancy & Decentralized Applications

We develop decentralized applications that implement cost-efficient and secure blockchain-based business solutions. Based on the analysis of needs and potential benefits of migrating existing business processes to the blockchain, we build, test and deploy robust decentralized solutions. We develop trustless decentralized applications using smart contracts that automate business processes and deliver cost efficiency and continuity.


Security and Privacy

We have built extensive cyber-threat protection and security monitoring into our past solutions. Our solutions are GDPR-compliant and protect user identities and data using advanced cryptography (Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Homomorphic Encryption), public-key cryptography and privacy-by-design methodologies. Our researchers have a deep understanding of the security attack models and cryptography. More than ten years of experience with SwarmESB and PrivateSky recommends we provide practical solutions for complex projects requiring complex rewrites or architectural refactoring.

Open Source & Research Projects



AssistOS is an innovative open-source platform designed to revolutionize daily interactions with artificial intelligence, providing a comprehensive suite of AI tools for a wide range of applications, from content creation and education to enhancing productivity and facilitating efficient collaboration between intelligent agents.



Axiologic is at the leader of the OpenDSU open-source project designed to standardize the key outcomes of the PrivateSky research project. More details available on the OpenDSU website. OpenDSU has been utilized in Horizon research projects such as PharmaLedger and WorldGalaxy. As leaders of the OpenDSU community, Axiologic collaborates with major companies including Novartis, GSK, and Takeda within the PharmaLedger Association governing a Digital Trust Ecosystem.



Outfinity is a strategic project with a medium to long-term focus, aimed at creating social and advanced technologies to enhance societal resilience through the application of AI and blockchain technologies. The research area encompasses the development of improved social networks, innovative crowdfunding mechanisms, and the incentivization of decentralized brands, as well as decentralized governance mechanisms. These efforts collectively aim to potentially increase global and societal resilience and antifragility.



AIRobot was conceived as a communication solution that integrates new AI techniques with decentralization and blockchain technologies. For Axiologic, this represented a strategic project aimed at leveraging our strong background in decentralization and security while combining it with the strategic objective of enhancing our capabilities in using AI technologies, such as optimizing audio/video streams, emotion detection, and creating metaverse-like avatars. We organised a small network of researchers from universities and AI specialists from partner companies. However, the project was halted, and the research results are now considered part of Outfinity and AssistOS.



This project obtained EU funding (Horizon Europe 2020) and aimed to create a way for citizens to generate news using drone filming. Axiologic is contributing to privacy techniques and video processing using AI techniques.

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